“treasures of the sierra nevada” beer dinner january 31st at little pub

howdy folks,

if you like rare beers from sierra nevada , have we got an evening planned for you on tuesday january 31st.

we’ve got marty from sierra coming in to take you through ovila dubbel, ovila quad, 30th anniversary grand cru, estate homegrown ale, the brand new ruthless rye ipa, and life and limb 2 (the sierra-dogfish collaboration).

interested? these beer dinners always sell out and reservations are required so 1.)save the date and 2.) send an email to info@littlepub.com and we’ll send you out the info as soon as we have it finalized..


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robert cray will play smoking gun at ridgefield playhouse wed december 7th. you can bet on it!

we’ve teamed up with the ridgefield playhouse to sponsor robert cray wednesday dec 7th. that’s right folks, show your ticket stub before the show and get a free glass of wine or beer with your dinner. or just have a glass of wine or beer for dinner. it’s up to you.

buy tickets here:  http://www.ridgefieldplayhouse.org/event/robert-cray-band


you remember robert cray, don’t you?  if you’ve listened to the radio at all over the past 20 years you’ve probably heard “smoking gun” 1000 times. but did you know that he has one of those 20th century masters millennium collection greatest hits records? that means he has other songs in addition to smoking gun.  we’ve never heard of any of those other songs either, but it’s pretty impressive if you get one of those cds made up .    iron butterfly has one too, but inna gaddda davida take up most of it.


eran troy danner is opening, which is interesting because eran troy once played at little pub. he plays others peoples songs (including a blistering version of bb king’s “the thrill is gone“)  so you’ll hear lots of stuff you know.



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chris cornell &>’s lp! or is it <3’s ?

we’re happy to be the restaurant sponsor for tomorrow night’s chris cornell show at the ridgefield playhouse.

now you probably know that  chris cornell was the singer for temple of the dog, soundgarden, and, the unfortunately named, audioslave.

and you might also know that he’s so prolific that  you will hear one of his songs  every 10 minutes if you listen to lithium or alternative nation on satellite radio .

but you might not know that if you stop by after the show tomorrow night and present your ticket stub you’ll get a glass of beer or wine.


so now you know all you need to know. see you tomorrow.

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so many schneiders, so little time.

just redid our beer list and some folks noticed that we now carry four  beers from the g. schneider & sohn schneider weisse brewery. that’s not because we owe them money or anything like that. it’s because we just think at all four have merit on their own.

one of these days mr. beer or maybe even die beifrau will dust off their keyboards and do a review of each one. but until then we have the following table:



beer name: Orginal (Tap 7 – Unser Original)

abv: 5.4%

style: hefeweizen

tasting notes: amber-mahogany colored beer.  fresh and well-balanced  with a slightly bitter finish. perhaps the world’s best wheat beer.



beer name: hopfen-weisse

abv: 8.2%

style: weizen bock

tasting notes: brewed in conjunction with brooklyn brewery. this is a hopped up more powerful version of perhaps the world’s best wheat beer.



beer name: wiesen edel-weisse (tap 4 – mein grünes)

abv: 6.2%

style: hefewiesen

tasting notes: golden orange beer with thick-straw head. light and malty with a hints of citrus fruit.  basically an organic version of perhaps the world’s best wheat beer.




beer name: aventinus (tap 6 – unser aventinus)

abv: 8.2%

style: weizen bock

tasting notes: dark ruby color with intense clove-like aroma.   a darker dunkel version of perhaps the world’s best wheat beer.


beer name: schneider fromonedayatatime

abv: yes miss romano

style: wiseacre


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farm to fork? that’s only half of the solution to part of the problem.

lots of buzz these days about “farm to fork”, and for good reason: fresher produce, lower carbon emissions in transport, supporting local  farmers and even boosting the local economy with farmers markets (did you ever notice that burt’s bees is at every farmers market?  ). furthermore, if you grow your own stuff you can even save a few bucks. even uncle sam used to think it was good idea and maybe that’s a “backyard to fork”  movement we can all get behind.

but what we’ve noticed is that, despite all the farm to fork press,  it appears that many people still fail at the “fork to mouth” part. check out diagram 1. this poor sap is spilling peas all over his shirt.


it’s sad to see food wasted like that. so we’re happy to propose our new “fork to mouth” initiative. check out figure 3 (figure 2 is top secret patent applied for process) for clear and concise directions on how to get that food where it belongs. .

fork_2_mouth copy fig 3


but why stop at fork to mouth?  we tried to dis-intermediate the fork entirely but “hand to mouth” had been used before and while  “farm to mouth” sounded good, timmy said we should wash the vegetables first and “farm to sink to mouth” didn’t have quite the same ring to it as “farm to mouth”.  so “fork to mouth” it is and, as always, we’re  happy to be of service.

ps:  “fork to eye ” should be avoided at all costs.



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it’s mister beer! he’s back and he’s got a bottle of brooklyn’s local 1

 Most people familiar with craft beers and micro-brews have heard of New York City’s own Brooklyn Brewery.  Brooklyn was created in
1987 by two men: Steve Hindy, an AP Middle East correspondent, and Tom Potter,
a banker.


They began by brewing Brooklyn Lager, a “pre-Prohibition” style lager in the vein of turn-of-the-century New York beers.  This beer, hand-peddled on the streets of NYC in the early 1990s, led to the creation of their official brewery in 1996 and rocketed them to the fame, success, and prestige they enjoy today.  In fact, their present head-brewer, Garrett Oliver, is widely regarded by his peers and beer-aficionados as the preeminent American brewer.  These guys know what they’re doing.

Over the past few years Brooklyn, under the direction of Oliver, has been ever-expanding its repertoire of beers with more exotic creations like Sorachi Ace, and the Brooklyn Locals 1 and 2.  Though we at the Little Pub were lucky enough to get both the Brooklyn Local 1 and the Sorachi Ace, here I’ll be discussing the Local 1.

The Local 1 is an American take on a Belgian strong ale.  Actually, it’s more of a true Belgian beer that happened to be brewed by Americans.  Its ingredients are primarily European: it utilizes Belgian yeast, as well as German hops, malt, and barley.  The only oddball ingredient is, according to their website’s description, “aromatic raw sugar from Mauritius”.  All beers use some form of sugar in the fermentation process, I just thought it was a little odd that they should travel all the way to Mauritius to obtain it.

This beer does have one unique twist, however: it’s bottle conditioned, or as Brooklyn calls it, “re-fermented”.  Bottle-conditioning is today a rarely used brewing process in which the brewer inserts an extra dose of sugar into the beer as it’s being bottled, resulting in an additional stage of fermentation.  This extra fermentation consequently increases the depth, richness and palate of the beer.

The local pours an opaque pale golden color, with a large and fluffy head that lingers in delicate lacing along the glass.  Like its Belgian brethren, this is a bright and aromatic beer with odors of citrus, coriander, clove, and sweet yeast.  Take your first gulp and revel in the tangy carbonation, the sweet flavors of malt mingling with lemon, wildflowers, and spice.  Bursts of flavor linger long as the beer finishes sweet and spicy, crisply and dryly.  The mouthfeel is fairly medium bodied, though it will seem lighter due to the intense carbonation that results from the extra sugar added to the beer.

This is a American homage to Belgian brewing that ranks right up with the best of them, like Duvel and Chimay.  Best of all, you don’t need to hop a train or bus or cab into the city to get it.  Come on down to the Pub and get Local.

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psssst! hey, do you want a google + account invite?

at little pub we often ponder life’s little questions;

if a tree fall in the woods and no one hears it does it make a sound?

do you get a big shock or a little shock if you put a fork in the electric outlet?

if we have a littlepub page on google+ and nobody is using google+ are we leading edge or just talking to ourselves?

we don’t really care about the first question, and we’re not about to find out on the second, but on the third, well maybe we can try to get some more folks on board.

the thing is, google+ is still invite only at this stage. we were invited and we always say the more the merrier so if you’re interested in joining google+ send an email to info@littlepub.com with “please add me google+” in the subject line and we’ll send you an invite.

The Google+ Project

and if you don’t know what google+ is, well you will soon.  read this link



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no pie for you, but we did see the giant head of the taconic parkway.

so we went to the adirondacks and we were all set to bring back
some of those awesome very berry pies from the noon mark diner, but they were closed when we drove by so no pie. boo hoo!

but it wasn’t a complete waste because we did get to check out that ginormus zippy
the pinhead statue right off the taconic parkway ( or maybe it’s ny giants
quarterback y.a. tittle? that would make more sense than zippy. ).

giant head on the taconic parkway

anyway, you can go visit the giant head of the taconic yourself if you want : http://www.fairpoint.net/~kanwit/map.htm  . sorry about the pie. we’ll get there earlier next time.

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ghandi-bot cans in the beer cooler. keep it between us.

psst.. we’ve got a secret. there’s a case of ghandi-bot cans stashed in the back left corner of the walk in. this is the only announcement you will see.. it’s not printed on the beer list, so ask your server, and  keep this between us, because once they’re gone, they’re gone.

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celebrate feestdag at little pub thursday july 21.

hey everybody, it’s feestdag on thursday 7/21! you remember feestdag, it’s that belgian holiday commemorating the date king leopold took his oath before the belgian parliament. more importantly, feestdag also translates to “party day” so some on down to little pub and celebrate feestdag with a palm draft when you order palm battered fish and chips, half priced palm drafts, and whatever else we can think of . yes, feestdag is on at little pub and even the flanders and walloons can agree on that (and they don’t agree on anything)!


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