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here’s some of the best ones from july…

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horseshoe crabs ARE lucky crabs! find crabs, win stuff.

what if we told you that you could: 1.) go to the beach, 2.) participate in a regional science project, and, 3.)win little pub stuff all at the same time?

we’re big fans of project limulus, a regional project  that studies the movement and migration of horseshoe  crabs up and down the eastern seaboard.  you know horseshoe crabs, they’re those creepy looking things that crawl up on the beach during high tides.  they may look just like that thing from the alien movies but they’re actually quite friendly as far as crabs go. probably because they know you can’t eat them.


anyway, every summer, hundreds of volunteers tag  horseshoe crabs with markers so that their summer travel plans can be studied by scientists.

so we took a set of the project  limulus tags and “customized” them with our sharpie. you might find a tag  with a hamburger on it. a dollar sign. or maybe a pint of beer.

so this weekend go to the beach and take a look around. if you find a crab, look for a tag on it. you don’t even have to pick the crabs up, just jot down the tag number, call the toll free number, tell the nice person on the line where you found it, and you’re participating in the study. but wait, keep that tag number and send an email to if it matches up with our set, you’re a winner.

so get on out there and see what you can find. who knows, you might end up like charlie bucket finding a golden ticket to the wonka factory (albeit a golden ticket with 10 legs.).

learn more on project limulus here:

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sixpoint, green flash, and clown shoes now at little pub

May was a pretty good month for beer drinkers in CT. First, the government did away with the blue laws prohibiting beer sales on Sunday (and that was on top of extending the selling hours to 9 pm a few years back). Other than no more white knuckle rides to the package store at 8:57 Saturday night or no more  Sunday drives to Vista or Portchester, civilization as we know it did not crumble due to Sunday liquor sales( at least not yet anyway.)

The other piece of good news was an  influx of new “world class” beers to the region. The arrival of Sixpoint, Green Flash, and Clown Shoes has been like Christmas morning for CT beer drinkers.



To help introduce these beers , we’re running an east vs. west coat ipa taste test all weekend pitting green flash west coast ipa, a beer that rated a perfect 100 on beeradvocate, against sixpoint bengali tiger ipa, a beer that rated a near perfect 99 on beeradvocate. you can come in, do your research,  and cast your vote for your favorite.












We’ve also got in bottles of Tramp Stamp Belgian ipa (96 on and Clementine white ale (95 on from Clown Shoes brewing up in Ipswich MA.

come on in and give them a try, xoxo lp

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brooklyn beer dinner may 22nd

howdy! make plans to join us for a brooklyn beer dinner on tuesday may 22nd. we’ve got quite a line up planned including:

brooklyn’s newest beer; gold standard, sorachi ace, brooklyn blast ipa, and mary’s maple porter.

we’re still figuring out the menu so that will follow. these beer dinners tend to sell out quickly, so if you’re interested, send an email to and we’ll send you the details.

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berkshire beer dinner at little pub, tuesday april 24th


like beer? like to learn about beer? then please join us at little pub for a berkshire beer dinner  hosted by berkshire brewing co-founder gary bogoff.

gary will explain the flavor profile, ingredients, and special brewing process for each beer served while you enjoy a five course little pub dinner paired with six different berkshire beers . he’ll also share stories about berkshire’s journey from a couple of home brewers to one of the regions largest craft brewers still brewing beer the old fashioned way: unfiltered, unpasteurized, free of any chemicals or preservatives, and delivered fresh every week. you can even try beer the old fashioned way because we’ll have a a hand drawn cask of extra hopped lost sailor ipa (and maybe a few other surprises too), so please join us!

featuring the following:

berkshire traditional pale ale

steel rail extra pale ale

hand drawn casked lost sailor ipa

maibock springtime lager

deans beans coffeehouse porter and raspberry barleywine ale “black and tan”



traditional pale ale and chicken tortilla soup

steel rail extra pale ale and chipotle ranch chopped salad

maibock springtime lager and maryland crab cakes with a thai curry aioli

hand drawn cask of “extra hopped” lost sailor ipa with pulled pork carnitas and creole seasoned shoestring fries

raspberry ale / coffeehouse porter  “black and tan” and warm new orleans bread pudding with maple sugared bourbon sauce.

tuesday april 24 2012

7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

$65 per person

interested? seating is limited  and reservations are required so send an email to for a reservation form.

co sponsored by

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mister beer is back again with dogfish burton baton

The latest in the “Dogfish Monday”  line-up here at Little Pub is Burton Baton, yet another imperial IPA from Dogfish Head Brewery.

Dogfish Head, known for their off-kilter, cutting edge beers, excels at making India Pale Ales.  You might already be familiar with their world-renowned classics: the 60 Minute, 90 Minute, and 120 Minute IPAs.  Now that Burton Baton is offered year round (it used to be seasonal), you can add it to the list.  Burton Baton is a “two-thread” beer, meaning it is a blend of two distinct beers.  In this case, Dogfish mixes an English Old Ale with their 90 Minute Imperial IPA.  These two “threads” of beers are brewed separately.  Upon completion of fermentation, the threads are mixed together in a large oak cask and allowed to age for over a month.

This oak-aging process results in a remarkably complex and utterly satisfying brew.  The Burton is highly aromatic, with notes of tangy citrus overlain on a smooth oaky foundation.  If the aromas don’t invite you in, its effervescent amber color will.  Take a sip and note the velvety, mellow mouthfeel.  You’ll taste grapefruit and pine, with faint hints of grass and malt.  As the beer finishes, the oak-aging reveals itself as the hops blend into woody flavors of caramel, vanilla, and brown sugar.  Overall, this is a one of a kind beer, and highly recommended.  It’s more mellow and rounded than most Imperial IPAs, and certainly one of the most complex IPAs out there today.  Come on down to Little Pub and get it while it lasts.

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mister beer is back and he’s getting all geeky on star wars and imperial stout trooper!

editors note: the views expressed below are not necessarily shared by others at little pub. in fact, lars has never even seen star wars. 

So, you’re young and you’re feeling ambitious.  Sure, growing up on Tattooine was exciting when you were younger, but you’re older now and moisture-farming is getting boring.  Besides, the work can be handled by droids anyway – your family hardly needs you anymore. Your friends have all packed their bags and blasted off into space to embark on their own adventures.  Remember your neighbor Luke?  He met old man Kenobi and all of a sudden he’s off to be a Jedi.

Man, when is it going to be your turn?  Some of us are born lucky.  Well, maybe you’re thinking that it’s time to start taking matters into your own hands. You head down to Mos Eisley for a quick pop to liven up the doldrums.

“Give me something strong, something to take the edge off”.  Bartender pours you this funny black drink, something he calls “Imperial Stout Trooper”.  It’s midnight-black, foamy white at the top.  You lean in for a sip, but your head inadvertently jerks back a little bit when you’re hit with powerful aromas of chocolate and coffee.  Your hands shake slightly as you raise the glass to your mouth – you’ve never tasted something with so much power before.  Bittersweet flavors dance around your mouth.  Espresso melts into chocolate and toffee, with slight undertones of molasses.  The carbonation and mouthfeel is incredible.  Crisp, refreshing, unctuous, dark, mysterious.

You sip slowly at first, but soon start gulping it down, each quaff better than the last.  Your head is swimming slightly.  You feel like a loaded spring waiting to uncoil.  Your destiny is right there within your grasp.  “Hey bartender, who makes this?”  He smiles.  “That’s THE drink of the Empire.  Every time a Storm Trooper emerges victorious from battle, he receives a bottle.  They say the Emperor himself drinks a glass every night.  I even hear this stuff runs like oil through the veins of Vader’s bionic body.  This, my friend, is the essence of the Empire, summed up in liquid form.”

You lean back in your chair, smiling slightly, drunk on dark thoughts of power, of purpose.  Your path is clearly illuminated.  Some men are born to serve the light, others gravitate towards the dark.  And when the dark tastes this good, who could resist?  You raise your glass, nod at the bartender.  “To the Empire”.

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why bother cooking s@per bowl sunday?

(we’re not an official super bowl sponsor so legally we can’t use the term “super bowl” to tell you that we have whipped up some special little pub take out packages for your super bowl party.)

so here’s a list of our little pub take out specials  for the big nfl championship game on super bowl sunday.)

ladder co. #1 wings : crispy wings soaked in frank’s red hot sauce.  50 wings $40.00 / 100 wings $70.00

beef and bean chili: 1 pint (feeds 4) $10 / half tray (feeds 16-20) $50

bbq pulled pork: slow cooked, fork shredded. $9.00 per pound ( feeds 3-4)

 cheeseburger sliders: 10 sliders $30

crunchy veggie spring rolls: stuffed with shredded market vegetables. 1/2 tray is 15 full spring rolls/30 pieces $30

southwest egg rolls: stuffed with chicken, black beans, corn, and cheddar jack cheese. 1/2 tray 15 full egg rolls/30 pieces $40

jalapeno poppers:1/2 tray/20 pieces $15

click the link to download the order form. or just call us on 203 544 9222 or email us at

little pub super bowl take out order form

ps. this menu works for oscar night too!

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aimee mann can act. the other guy? not so much.

so we’re sponsoring aimee mann at the ridgefield playhouse this friday night and of course that means two things. one is that if you come to little pub the night of the show and show your ticket stub you get a free glass of draught beer or house wine with your dinner.

the other is that these sponsorships always send us to the internet is search of any sort of relevant (or irrelevant) info we can use. so we found this til tuesday video of “voices carry”  and were amazed at the level of acting of the guy in the “wife beater” t-shirt and gold chain. click here: voices carry

but hey, then again we never put out a rock video so who are we to point the finger at anything?  anyway she’s super talented and has written loads of great tunes. and her career metamorphosis is pretty stunning in of  itself. it’s akin to simon le bon from duran duran becoming a latter day bob dylan.


but after looking at those pictures we think maybe robert smith of the cure already did that transition.

anyway, we digress. we’ve heard aimee puts on a great show, plus she seems nice, so you should go.

tickets are here:


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“treasures of the sierra nevada” beer dinner january 31st at little pub

howdy folks,

if you like rare beers from sierra nevada , have we got an evening planned for you on tuesday january 31st.

we’ve got marty from sierra coming in to take you through ovila dubbel, ovila quad, 30th anniversary grand cru, estate homegrown ale, the brand new ruthless rye ipa, and life and limb 2 (the sierra-dogfish collaboration).

interested? these beer dinners always sell out and reservations are required so 1.)save the date and 2.) send an email to and we’ll send you out the info as soon as we have it finalized..


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