the $6300 pen and other gift ideas

hey…need a gift?

so maybe you’ve done zero holiday shipping and will resort to buying a bunch of gift cards on december 24th. and that’s not really a bad thing because everyone loves gift cards; they always fit, they’re always the right color, and they’re really easy to wrap. plus little pub ridgefield gift cards are gold with red lettering and little pub wilton gift cards are red with gold lettering. either way, there’s GOLD* in there and gold  makes a terrific holiday gift. (*fine print: gold colored ink, not real gold)



you can purchase little pub gift cards  at either location and if you do that you can enjoy a drink or maybe some eggrolls while you wait and that’s always a fun time.

but maybe you’re away in rochester (new york, not minnesota- but really, unlike paris-france and paris-texas,  they’re basically the same place) on a business trip and you can’t make it in. well,  have no worries because we’ve gone all 21st century and you can buy little pub gift cards online.

click here to buy online at

or click here to buy on amazon

and buying on amazon lets you buy with all your other stuff as well.  your cart might even look like this


that’s some pretty cool stuff in there. but that pen? really?


amazon even has a little pub song you can buy.


you can probably buy that song on iTunes as well. but they don’t sell little pub gift cards on iTunes yet (we’re still working on that).

anyway, happy shopping!. glad to be of service.

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happy national lager day! buy a logger a lager.

so it’s national lager day today and you should celebrate with a nice glass of lager. we have a few here at little pub but wherever you go you can probably find one. you might even have a budweiser or  a michelob rolling around in your garage somewhere.

but while you’re enjoying that lager, in this season of thanksgiving and fellowship its important to remember those for whom the lager is named;  the early loggers of the united states. these hardy souls spent years cutting down hectares of massive prehistoric beechwood trees to create the same beechwood planks that budweiser still uses today to produce their “beechwood aged” king of beers.

being a logger was not an easy life.

they had to do really scary stuff




they had learn and use their own “secret logger language”

donkey = chevy caprice classic station wagon
fallers = carton of cigarettes)


they had  reputations as “rapscallions” and had a hard time meeting women (some of this was attributed to poor hygiene in logger camps).

lock up the women and children!
loggers are worse than carnies.


but on the bright side, they got to eat at shake shack. a lot!

in the olden days a “concrete” was known as a “milk-shake”


these early stage, pre-OSHA, cro-magnon loggers later became the beloved lumberjacks of today. they are now led by a giant named paul who has a elephant sized pet ox as a “friend”. so this national lager day, why not  buy a lager for a logger?


ok, so maybe that last part isn’t 100% true, but if you google “national lager day” it’s not all that interesting. but if you google “logger” some pretty weird stuff comes up and we needed to come up with an excuse to share it with somebody.

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mr. beer goes all olde school on you


we aged our own kegs of dogfish olde school to make it really old, olde school.









mr. beer drank a bunch of it and  here’s what he was able to type out on his iPhone until his thumbs went all numb and his cab ride home arrived.


Dogfish Old School pours a deep amber, with a thick and lingering head that melts slowly back into the beer.  It is sweetly aromatic, almost reminiscent of wine.  This is a dense, high octane beer clocking in around 17 to 18% ABV.

As such, it is very full-bodied and incredibly complex, with immediate flavors of caramel and cherry that give way to hints of lemon and banana.

The beer’s finish is long and, despite its high ABV, is remarkably mellow.  Being old school is cool, so come dig on this far out brew.


sunshiney day? now that’s old skool.

two down, six to go. at this rate we are going to exhaust all of mr. beers vocabulary and/or his cab fare budget.

The views and opinions expressed above  are those of mr. beer and/or the persons appearing in the post (i.e; gregg brady/ johnny bravo)
and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of little pub llc – lpllc.

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mr beer meets bigfoot

mr beer has agreed to weigh in on the auld and ancient ales.



he’s back. on the auld and ancient sierra bigfoot.

Bigfoot pours a beautiful ruby color, with pungent aromas of caramel, citrus, and notes of cherry.  Its intense, sweet malty body is balanced perfectly by hop bitterness.  True to its classification as a barleywine, there are vinous flavors as the beer finishes, owing predominantly to its high alcohol content.


This is a subtle, lingering beer, with layers of flavors lasting long after you’ve quaffed. Come try this aged beer – it’s almost as elusive as its namesake.


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the order of ancient and auld ales is calling

the order of ancient and auld ales is called to order

you have chosen wisely

you have chosen wisely

by and large (whatever that means) it’s been found that aging hi octane beers made them better because after a few years the alcohol mellows out and the nuances and flavors really begin to shine through. (sorry to get all wine enthusiast on you, just channeling our inner robert parker here. )

anyway, armed with that knowledge, we started stockpiling high octane beers whenever we could get our hands on them . “dogfish 120? sure send us 6 logs”, “sierra bigfoot? sure send over 4 of those”, and we kept stashing and stashing like mad squirrels until we ran out of space.


and now that we’re out of room it’s time to start pouring some of these beasties turned beauties.

we’re  going to launch a different  aged beer every monday* night through the rest of the 2013 and into 2014 as well (like we said, we stashed  a lot of stuff away).  *fine print: except for monday dec  2, that will be on tuesday dec 3.

so plan ahead, here’s the line up.

nov 18: 2012 sierra bigfoot

nov 25: 2012 dogfish olde school

december 3: 2012 green flash double stout

december 9: 2012 nebco imperial stout trooper

decmebr 16: 2012 ovila abbey quad

december 23: 2012 sierra narwhal

december 30: 2011 dogfish 120

january 6: 2011 dogfish sierra  life and limb 2

come in for all 8 and you get the official “order of ancient and auld ales”  t-shirt.  not sure what it will look like, but we have lots of  time to figure that out.

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field trip! little pub visits new england brewing company

note to richard dawkins, “sorry, but you’re wrong”.   heaven exists, it’s right off the merrit parkway in woodbridge ct and its looks like this


imagine a world where there are cases of ghandi-bot and 668 neighbor of the beast stacked as far as the eye can see


larsy, nebco’s matt westfall, and devo

where rivers of super fresh ghandi-bot pour from a huge “bright beer” storage tank


and where there are never ending sample cups of imperial stout trooper.


nebco’s rob leonard, larsy, devo, and all day josh

well, you don’t have to imagine all that, just get off your computer, arrange a ride,  and go visit nebco. you will be a-mazed. details up here

thanks again to rob leonard and matt westfall for their hospitality, their ingenuity, and all their hard work in brewing such great beers. xoxo, lp


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it’s the dog(fish) days of winter next week


frigid temperatures in the forecast…

no football for two weeks….

you need something to look forward to, so we’ve arranged a veritable dogfish ipa fest to get you through the dog days of winter.

here’s your chance to try all the numbered dogfish ipas in once sitting.  so if you’ve got an hour or two, and a ride home, we’ve got a dogfish ipa for you.

60 minute ipa – 6% abv  and scored 98 on ratebeer (bottle)

75 minute ipa – 7.5% abv and scored 99 on ratebeer (bottle)

90 minute ipa – 9% abv and scored 100 on ratebeer (bottle)

120 minute ipa – 21% abv and scored 99 on ratebeer (on tap, while it lasts)

and for good measure, we’ve got dogfish hellhound as well. 10% abv and scored 97 on ratebeer (bottle and on tap)





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little pub stout fest starts monday

cold. rainy. gray. the  perfect  weather for stout beer so we’re launching our first annual stout fest from monday december 17th to sunday dec 23rd.


we collected all sorts of great stouts for you to try.

  1. brooklyn black ops: 100 on ratebeer  
  2. stone imperial russian stout: 100 on ratebeer
  3. brooklyn black chocolate stout: 100 on ratebeer
  4. sierra nevada narwhal: 99 on ratebeer
  5. hitachino espresso stout: 99 on ratebeer
  6. clown shoes chocolate sombrero: 98 on ratebeer
  7. allagash black : 98 on ratebeer
  8. sam smith’s chocolate stout: 97 on ratebeer
  9. lagunitas cappuccino stout : 96 on ratebeer
  10. dogfish chicory stout: 96 on ratebeer
  11. 20oz pints of guinness: 94 on ratebeer
  12. sixpoint diesel: 92 on ratebeer

some of these are very limited supply (black ops, stone russian) and some are available all the time (guinness, allagash black) but all are good. so some on in.

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he’s back! mister beer helps out on dogfish hellhound

I see the title of this beer has given you pause.  Hellhound on my Ale.  Pretty interesting name, dark and shrouded in mystery.  But sometimes, great things are crafted in dark and mysterious circumstances.

Take the music and the mythical persona of blues legend Robert Johnson.  He was born in Mississippi in 1911 and died at age 27. First known in the blues scene as a harmonica player, he mastered the guitar seemingly overnight in 1929, thus spawning the legend that he sold his soul to the devil in exchange for his virtuosic skill. Johnson would achieve relatively little success in his lifetime, despite vigorous touring until his murky demise in 1938.  The cause of his death is still unknown, though legend has it that he was poisoned by a jealous lover.

It was only when his recordings were re-released in 1961 that his legacy was unearthed and his myth began to unfurl.  Johnson’s influence quickly spread across the burgeoning rock and roll scene, inspiring musicians like Eric Clapton, John Lennon, and Keith Richards.  In fact, Richards had this to say about Johnson’s music: “You want to know how good the blues can get?  Well this is it.” 


Today, Robert Johnson is widely regarded as one of the most influential figures in the history of modern music, despite his mysterious, grim past. So, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of his birth, the kind folks over at Dogfish Head brewed this beer in his honor.  Hellhound is yet another fantastic IPA in the long list of hoppy Dogfish concoctions.  It clocks in at 10% ABV, pours a beautiful orange amber color, with a slight head that diminishes quickly. The strong citrus flavors of the beer’s Centennial hops are accented perfectly by an infusion of lemon zest and juice, added in honor of one of Johnson’s musical mentors, Blind Lemon Jefferson.

It’s a powerful beer, but not overwhelmingly so, with a dry bittersweet finish that leaves you craving more.  Perhaps bittersweet is the best word for this beer.  Its flavors evoke the passion present in Johnson’s music. So if you find yourself at the Little Pub, at the crossroads of routes 7 and 102, and you want to shake the hellhounds of work and stress, you owe it to yourself to try this beer.




I got to keep movin’, I’ve got to keep movin’
Blues fallin’ down like hail, blues fallin’ down like hail
Umm mmm mmm mmm
Blues fallin’ down like hail, blues fallin’ down like hail
And the days keeps on worryin’ me,
There’s a hellhound on my trail… (Hellhound on My Trail)

Robert Johnson died at the age of 27 (like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, and Kurt Kobain), and, as the myth concludes, he spent his final hours on all fours barking like a dog as the devil began to collect his debt in earnest.



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sixpoint brewing’s spice of life series now pouring at little pub.

sixpoint’s spice of life series  is an ongoing, monthly installment in which sixpoint produces a single-hop ipa with 12 different hop strains over the course of the year. all other elements of the recipe remain the same – the malt bill, fermentation regime, yeast strain, etc. the only ongoing variable is a different hop strain is featured each month. under this “controlled experiment” one can appreciate the dynamic difference between various hop strains, covering a wide spectrum of flavors and aromas. and that’s why we love sixpoint.

this week we have the last installment in the 2012 series, spice of life crystal. the crystal hop is known for its floral – spicy notes and low bitterness, making it the perfect choice for a cold beer on a hot august day. come check it out while it lasts.


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