how did we miss this?

we thought we had pretty good beer radar but we completely whiffed on the KISS destroyer beer.


all things considered, it looks like we were pretty lucky to miss this. check out these reviews.



womencantsailAug 07, 2012

2.03/5  rDev -22.5%
look: 2.5 | smell: 2 | taste: 2 | feel: 2 | overall: 2

Smelling of butter and straw.

Sweet cheap bread, some butter and some dried grass.

Very boring, no profile. The only thing it destroys is good taste.

rarbringJul 24, 2012

2.48/5  rDev -5.3%
look: 2 | smell: 3 | taste: 2.5 | feel: 2.5 | overall: 2

S: Sweet malts, some faint corny notes. Some bitter hops, and strangly enough; cherries.

T: Light taste, kind of artificial bitterness with sweet malts. The cherries are still present but more like detergent.

O: The label states; “The hottest beer in the world” – man the world must be very cold…


1.6   AROMA 4/10   APPEARANCE 2/5   TASTE 3/10   PALATE 2/5   OVERALL 5/20Bootlegger007 (64) – AUSTRALIA – DEC 10, 2014Hottest beer on earth – I think not, rather tasteless, light oily body, low carbonation acidic on the palate, not a true reflection of a Pale Lager1.3   AROMA 2/10   APPEARANCE 3/5   TASTE 2/10   PALATE 2/5   OVERALL 4/20Lowenbrau (2129) – Asturias, Oviedo, SPAIN – NOV 26, 2014330ml bottle @Cimmeria, Oviedo. 26-11-2014.
BBD: not found, blank space in the label….(who cares anyway)
In short: crap lager..1.5   AROMA 4/10   APPEARANCE 2/5   TASTE 2/10   PALATE 2/5   OVERALL 5/20FatPhil (9586) – Tallinn, ESTONIA – NOV 22, 2014330ml bottle – Helsinki
Sweet pale lager aroma. Baad, baad baad taste. Shitty lager. even when packed round with snowl to cool it, it’s nasty2.5

   AROMA 5/10   APPEARANCE 3/5   TASTE 6/10   PALATE 2/5   OVERALL 9/20

SperkeleForce (608) – FINLAND – NOV 15, 2014

Bottle 33 CL. Golden with white lacing head. Notes of grass, grains, malts. Pretty bulk feeling.

– beerbasher



   AROMA 5/10   APPEARANCE 3/5   TASTE 4/10   PALATE 2/5   OVERALL 12/20

Beerhunter111 (8238) – Hasborn, GERMANY – OCT 20, 2014

Klare dunkelgoldene Farbe, ordentliche weiße Schaumkrone. Geruch getreidig, malzig, wässrig. Geschmack fruchtig malzig, getreidig, leicht hopfig.

we don’t speak german, not sure what beerhunter111 had to say.


it’s pretty clear from this picture only 2 guys are really into it. the other two are just picking up a paycheck.  this might not even be the real kiss, maybe it’s some random  guys dressed up like kiss. come to think of it, that kiss logo looks off too. gene simmons would never let that happen, he would sue for damages. he sues everybody.


these are pretty expensive kiss dolls although with abs like that they should really call them action figures.  we just realized every kiss doll (aka action figure) costume suit has a design element that points directly to their crotch. 3 are literally arrows and the other one is a big leather jockstrap. horrifying.

they have a grateful dead beer too. we actually had this. it was pretty good. it didn’t taste anything like pot or patchouli (although it probably should ).



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the irony of the giant stone head

What if you had a giant stone head that no one noticed? Well, you’d blog about it too.


We’re not talking about a stone head like ben grimm (aka the thing). He had to walk around with that. Everyone noticed.



We’re talking about a giant stone head design element or ornament.



Anyway first you have to find a giant stone head. They’re around; you just have to look for them. we found this giant stone head buried  in the snow at united house wrecking back in 2012. We didn’t buy it but took a picture because, hey you never know when you might need a giant stone head. And besides, who was going to buy that giant stone head anyway?  what would they do with it?

little-pub-stone-face-2 (800x600)


So then in 2013 we got the LP3 space at fonda la Paloma. And when we took down the  ceiling during renovations we realized they didn’t continue the stone fireplace all the way to the roof.  So we had to continue the fireplace another 8 feet or so. (and you’ve got to find stone that matches, and believe you me that is no easy task because all rocks do not look alike! Turns out we had to find and buy the last remnants of “yonkers stone”).

little-pub-stone-head-scaffold-1 (600x800)


So viola! Now we have a space for the giant stone head. Hopefully it’s still there.

little-pub-stone-head-scaffold (600x800)


And of course it was. After all, who was going to buy it.

little-pub-stone-face (600x800)

little-pub-stone-head-face-happy (600x800)


Then you have to negotiate with andy to get a fair price on a giant stone head that no one really needs to buy. What’s it worth? Who knows? We found these two giant stone eagles upstate and the guy wanted like $70,000 for them.  We were like, ummmm, I don’t think they are building giant lord of the rings style  buildings anymore, and these weigh like 5 tons apiece, so you should pay us to haul them away.  (still they are so awesome that we’d love to find a home for them sometime.)

little-pub-stuff-we want

we saw these inuit stormtrooper artworks in vancouver. these are pretty good too, but not very pubby.  maybe we can put in the bathroom or somewhere else.

little-pub-stuff we want

and we found this crazy chair in stamford. it’s probably still there.

137 136


anyway, so we buy this giant stone head and we’re all like ” everyone will love this!” and “gee, do you think it will freak kids out?”.

You cram it into the trunk of your car and it takes like 3 guys to get it out.

You move it all over the place during construction. There’s no good place for a giant stone head. They are always in the way.


You finally have it installed, and it looks alot smaller that you thought.

little-pub-stone-head-in-place-1 (600x800)


It’s up there and no one even notices. You have to point it out which defeats the purpose of putting it up there in the first place.

little-pub-stone-head-in-place-3 (600x800)

little-pub-stone-head-in-place-2 (800x600)

Oh well, that’s the funny thing about giant stone heads, they are never as giant as you think they are. There’s always a bigger giant stone head somewhere. like the one up on the taconic parkway. See this link.

giant head on the taconic parkway

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top ten reasons to take uber to little pub

godzilla happy dance

you know you’ve always wanted to try uber. here’s your chance.



top ten reasons to take uber to little pub


10: because all of your cool friends have already ubered

9:  because uber will give you a $30 credit towards your first ride.

8:  for guilt free texting while uber drives you around

7:  to experience that “uber car” smell

6: because taking the “metro” or “rail” (aka metro north) to the local station and then ubering to little pub is “very european”

5:  because we’ll give you a credit for a complementary palm beer

4: because the only taxi service that regularly runs on the post road or route 7 is called  “the bus”

3:  because door to door uber service means potential savings of $5,000 in legal fees

2:  no cold car seats

1:  because it turns out that “cos cob” is actually the native american term for “land of small parking lot”


practice safe rides this holiday season. take uber  to any little pub and your  ride, and your  palm draft, can be free. go to  and enter promo code: littlepub.   then tweet all about it on @uber_conn


details below:


take uber to little pub, show your uber receipt to the manager on duty within 5 minutes of arrival,   and we’ll give you a credit towards a palm draft. 1 palm draft per uber car. must be redeemed same day.

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range rover? land rover? take uber on over

practice safe rides this holiday season. take uber to any little pub and your first ride, and your  palm draft, can be free. go to  and enter promo code: littlepub.   then tweet all about it on @uber_conn


take uber to little pub, show your uber receipt to the manager on duty within 5 minutes of arrival,   and we’ll give you a credit towards a palm draft. 1 palm draft per uber car. must be redeemed same day.

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Protected: writing about beer is really, really hard

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from lascoffs to leeches to little pub. the strange but true story behind those bar signs.


we get lots of questions at little pub greenwich about those backlit “chemicals” and “analyses” signs hanging above the bar.  questions like   “where did you get those?” or “why is analysis spelled wrong?”, “how did you do that?” or even “can you put the yankee game on?”


maybe you bought a pack of pastilles there back in the 80's?

maybe you bought a pack of pastilles there back in the 80’s?

the signs came from the lascoff pharmacy on manhattan’s upper east side.  lascoff pharmacy was the first licensed pharmacy in new york and they were in business for over a century at the corner of lex and 85th. being the top pharmacy in new york city for a century meant they had their fair share  of celebrities as clients, although the only one people still talk about is  savador dali.


even einstein shopped there

even einstein shopped there

dali used to buy live leeches there. for what? who knows? maybe he was going fishing for cod in the east river. anyway, that’s a topic for the dali at lascoff’s blogs (and boy howdy there are a ton of those!: forgotten new york  or clap for bacon or even the new york times and yelp! look, we can’t do all the research for you, but  if you google it you’ll see what we mean. fair warning:  it’s a black hole and you will lose the rest of your day up there.)

little-pub-lascoff-pharmacy lascoff-little-pub3

anyway, when lascoffs closed in 2012  we managed to secure four of the five copper and milk glass panels from the original cupola (that’s another long, weird story).


“chemicals” and “analyses” are of course proudly displayed above the little pub bar. “biologicals” and “cosmetics” are being restored and will soon occupy appropriate wall space in the little pub powder room foyer.

coming soon to a powder room near you

coming soon to a powder room near you


who knows what happened to prescriptions. we have one of those up in wilton, but that came from a pharmacy in boston (more on that later. maybe).

so that’s the history on the signs. make sure to check them out on your next visit.


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10 car pile up takes out little pub wilton sign!

horrified onlookers and godzooky survey the damage

horrified onlookers survey the damage

a truck carrying 5 cars crashed into the little pub sign, demolishing the sign and damaging 4 other cars.


no one was hurt, except for maybe some feelings. but the little pub sign was destroyed!

little pub

luckily mark from classic sign and his team of bionic scientists were able to fix the damage and make the sign 6 million times better than it was.

the six million dollar sign. better, faster, stronger

better. faster. stronger


in somewhat unrelated news, the little pub lumber company took delivery of  some new reclaimed wood.

new reclaimed lumber in stock. call now for best selection.

call now for best selection!


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little pub lumber company


little pub lumber company is now open for business

ever wonder where we get all that reclaimed wood for little pubs?

little pub greenwichreclaimed lumber little pub reclaimed beams little pub reclaimed  flooring little pub

well, we don’t go to the local wood-mart, we import it from the midwest.

but we’ve got to buy a lot to do that.


so we took delivery of a truckload of amish hand hewn beams and barn siding


and it’s not much fun to unload


sadly we didn’t get the army truck. only the wood

anyway, even with our plans for little pub four (and maybe 5) underway we’ve still got extra, so if you wanted to build a mini little pub inside your house, or you’re just in the market for some hand hewn beams, send an email to to get a listing.

you don’t have to build a pub.

you could build stuff like this cool “shiver me timbers” pirate bench

SitRoughHewnBench little pub

“shiver me timbers” pirate bench

or these awesome “beam me up scotty” tables


beam me up scotty


beam me up scotty ottoman


the only limit is your creativity, and you’re creative, so the sky’s the limit!

let’s talk. ok?

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ask for cartoons, you get cartoons


lots more cartoons up on

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our 15 minutes of fame was 6 months ago



now that 2014 is drawing to a close, we felt obligated to post that we won the Fairfield County Weekly readers poll for best pub in 2014.

We won this back in May but given that the wordpress was not wordpressing for a while, we’ve just now got around to publishing it.

Anyway, Daneen, Lars, Josh, and Devin got to go to a swell party with all sorts of free food and drinks where they had a lot of fun and blew off work the rest of the day.



Well, thanks for the support! you can read all about it here.,0,412089.story

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