beware? get psyched for the ides of march!

ides of march beer dinner at little pub wilton is go!


gotta catch ‘em all!

because a.) the “beer dinner to end all beer dinners” was so much fun, and

b.) we ended up with all this great maine beer,

so we figured,… well you know what we figured…

the maine beer dinner is set for sunday march 15th.




maine-beerhere’s what we have ready to go

peeper, another one,lunch, weez, mean old tom, zoe, and king titus

you’d typically have to drive to the brewery to sample all these on tap in one location, and that would essentially take you all day.
















factoring in a few  stops to pick up beef jerky and salt water taffy (and some danger in worcester) it would take you 11 hours to drive up there and back. plus you have to spend a few hours there drinking beer, and a few hours getting over all that beer..

so we just saved you like 20 hours. what are you going to do with it?  you could read the holstee manifesto and ponder “life changes”….


this is good advice, but so is a lululemon bag

or you could just watch tv all day. hey, it’s your life, do what you want. but if you’re interested in attending this maine beer dinner send an email to and we’ll send you the reservation form.


don’t miss out!


welcome and peeper pale ale


lime salt chicharróns and a tiny beautiful something apa

crispy chicharrón style pork rinds seasoned with lime salt and tabasco aioli


“et tu, brute?” crostini and another one ipa

chunks of chicken breast tossed in creamy caesar dressing with olives,

red onions and tomatoes served on a crisp parmesan crostini


lobster mac and cheese and weez black ipa

maine lobster, four cheese sauce, cavatappi macaroni,

breadcrumbs, drizzle of white truffle oil


thanksgiving meatballs and lunch ipa

ground turkey, sweet potato, stuffing and dried cranberry meatballs

simmered in a rich herb roasted turkey gravy


bacon banana split and mean old tom stout

timbos homemade dark chocolate peanut butter stout ice cream

with a deep fried, buttermilk pancake battered, bacon stuffed banana

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drink beer, win prizes




do you have a bucket list?

if you do you might have “go on a safari” somewhere on it. most people with bucket lists have that sort of thing on it.

the thing is, safaris are

a.) really expensive,


b.) you have to travel really far to do them.




Giraffes-little-pubof course you could always go to a lion country drive through safari down in Florida or new jersey,   but let’s face it, driving your honda civic through a bunch of over-medicated  farm animals is not really the same as a Hemingway safari.

out in the bush. guides beating the tall grasses, the snows of Kilimanjaro in the distance,  the lion roar. the crack of a gunshot. they really don’t do that kind of safari anymore either (and that’s a good thing).

EH 542T


nowadays you go to africa and you try to see the big five. And if you go chances are you’ll see a hundred elephants and water buffalo, maybe a few lions. if you’re really lucky you might see a rhino or a leopard. it’s like they loaded the list with some easy to spot stuff so that everyone got a trophy. Come on.. water buffalo? those are like cows over there. might as well put zebra on the list. we heard from someone who went on safari that  zebra burps smell like scotch tape (how they found that out we don’t know- and don’t really want to know).


what if you could do a safari close to home?

what if you could win prizes for completion of the safari?

what if the safari involved beer instead of wild animals?


well you can do all that. we’re having a beer safari through march 17. here’s how it works.

come in to little pub , get a game card, drink dogfish beer, get your card punched. once you’re all punched up enter your card to win prizes.

here’s our safari big 7


the water buffalo


the ostrich


the leopard


the elephant


the rhino


the lion


the unicorn


we have limited supplies of dogfish 75, raisin d’extra, 120, and old school so only around 30 people will be able to complete the entire safari.

we have kegs of 120 and old school, so that’s a great way to get your card punched for those beers. stay tuned to facebook for when those go on. the contest ends on march 17th so come on in, get your card, and get started. good luck!


do you smell scotch tape?

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the beer dinner to end all beer dinners*

(* because it will  be the most awesome thing ever that could never be replicated or a complete train wreck that will live forever in infamy. either way you won’t want to miss it.)

we’ve got some details trickling for the beer dinner on the 17th.


it will be hosted by our own resident beer experts dave “mr. beer” newman and tim “fuzzy” foley.

it’s not dedicated to a specific brewery, instead we’re going to offer hard/impossible to get selections from some of our favorite brewers.

to that end  we’ve been in touch with  nebco, lawson’s, maine, and sierra and they all agreed to send us something special . like this..


that said, we might go all ipa, or we might add in different styles.



but whatever we do, capping it all off is a keg of dogfish 120 that was born on feb 17 2012 so we’ll have birthday cake with that particular pour. if it pours. it might be a 30% abv solid by now



to reserve your space, email and we’ll send you out a form once we know what were doing. you’re just  going to have to trust us on this one.  but have faith, you’re in good hands. plus it’s fat tuesday. might as well make it one to remember.

what: beer dinner

where: little pub ridgefield

when: tuesday feb 17th 6:30 pm – ??

tickets: advance sale only.


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après-blizzard bread pudding

now that the blizzard is passed, what are you going to do with all that extra bread and milk you bought?

empty mill aisle

empty mill aisle

empty bread aisle

empty bread aisle

a wise man named jose once said “when life gives you extra bread and milk – make bread pudding “ and based on the empty bread and milk aisles at stop and shop there’s a a bunch of  people out there with a lot of extra bread and milk. well those folks are in luck because here’s the recipe for  jose’s warm bread pudding with n’awlins sugared bourbon sauce.


Jose’s Bread Pudding with N’awlins sugared bourbon sauce

Step one:  prepare bread and milk soak

  • 3lbs bread (French, etc) chopped into small pieces
  • Combine into bowl with 1 gallon of milk, let soak
  • Pre-heat oven to 350.

 Step two:  prepare the rest of the mixture

While bread is soaking, mix this stuff up in a separate bowl:

  • 20 whole eggs
  • 5 cups of sugar
  • 1 tbl spoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup
  • 4 tablespoon vanilla

Then add all that to the soaking bread. Mix that all up and set aside.

Step three: prepare the pans.

  • find two hotel pans or pyrex baking dishes that fit on top of each other. The pan with mixture should be able to fit over/inside pan containing the water.
  • Add 1/4 inch of water to bottom pan
  • Coat bottom and sides of top pan with butter, then add the bread mixture to the coated pan.
  • Place pan containing the mixture into/over the pan containing the 1/4 inch of  water.
  • Place both into oven at 350 for 2-2 1/2 hours until golden brown on top.
  • while that cooks it’s time to…

Step four: prepare the Sugared Bourbon Sauce

  • ratio of 1 cup sugar to 1 egg (depending on amount you need)
  • Mix together in bowl
  • Place bowl over boiling pot of water to cook. stir regularly.
  • once uniform consistency is achieved  remove from heat.
  • Then add desired bourbon. stir and taste
  • if necessary, add some more bourbon.stir and taste
  • okay stop, that’s enough bourbon. okay fine, take a small sip/wee dram for yourself.

 Step Five: time to eat!

  • Cut warm bread pudding into squares,
  • Drizzle sauce over top and serve.
  • serves about 30 so invite the neighbors over.bread pudd
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let’s face it. cooking super bowl chili isn’t all that much fun


super bowl football is fun! cooking? not so much.

Admit it, cooking for a super bowl party isn’t that much fun*. (*neither is hosting, stay tuned for secret special offers at the end of this commercial)

you’ve got other stuff to do like go out and get chips, beer, a sleeve of red cups,

required by law at every super bowl party

required by law at every super bowl party


ice, limes, lemons, oranges for uncle “i tell ya, there’s nothing like a blue moon with fresh orange, blah blah blah” joe’s  blue moon  , salted peanuts, unsalted almonds for the vegan, cashews, free range kale chips for the vegan,

and the obligatory football shaped cakes that no one ever eats. one loaded with delicious life sustaining  gluten, one gluten free cracker shaped like a cake so we’ll call it a cake.


look yummy?


did you say futbol or football?


by the time you get all that stuff organized, there’s hardly enough time to make your “famous” seven layer dip, let alone hide the dog in the garage.


what’s in your seven layer dip?

so why not skip all that silly cooking this year and just pick up some super bowl party food from little pub?

we’ve got chili in big pots


our pot


your crock!













trays of wings and pulled pork.


actual size! (depending on the size of your screen).


all you’ve got to do is fill out this form. or call us and we’ll fill it out for you.







still here?

forget about cooking, super bowl parties are even worse on your house. all those dishes and garbage plus your carpet gets ruined and we’re not even going to talk about what it does to the bathroom.

but what if there were a place, a magic place, where you could host a super bowl party and not have to worry about any of that stuff?  what if you could rent out little pub Greenwich of little pub Ridgefield for super bowl? interested? email

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stoutfest 2015 is go!


stoutfest 2015 kicks off monday january 12th. we’re breaking out everything we’ve got stashed away and bringing up some aged selections from our cellars.

stoutfest! bottles


founders big lushious  99 on

a deep, rich stout that’s packed with flavor: roasted malts, all-natural dark chocolate, a subtle suggestion of coffee grounds and a kiss of tart raspberries.


brooklyn black chocolate stout 100 on

deep dark chocolate flavor through a blend of specially roasted malts


samuel smith’s organic milk chocolate stout 97 on

rich and chocolatey. kind of like drinking the milk from a bowl of cocoa puffs


allagash black 98 on

roasted malts give this stout a classic chocolate, burnt toast and malty taste, but belgian yeasts and bottle refermentation make it a truly unique experience


founder’s breakfast stout  100 on ratebeer and beeradvocate

brewed with flaked oats, bitter and sweetened imported chocolates, sumatra and kona coffee.  we’ll serve it to you in a bowl with a spoon if you want.


southern tier crème brulee milk stout 98 on

rich and milky stout with notes of vanilla, caramelized sugar, and custard


oskar blues ten-fidy  100 on and beeradvocate

thicker than motor oil and twice as black. we’re pretty sure you can put this in your car. (and your car would be pretty happy).

up from the little pub cellar:

some beers get better with age so from time to time we get stuff in and we sit on it to make it better.


2013 stone imperial espresso russian stout 100 on

this super limited imperial espresso russian stout from stone is universally regarded as world class example of the coffee stout style


2013 brooklyn black ops 100 on

a robust russian imperial stout aged for 4 months in bourbon barrels and then aged for another year in our cellar. impossible to get, but you know us, we specialize in the impossible

aged stouts on tap

(not all at once, that would be a stout overload!. call or check facebook for schedule. )


2013 goose island bourbon county brand stout

see what an extra year and a half of aging did for this legendary offering.


2013 stone imperial russian stout

this came out before putin got all nuts and stated invading everyone.



2013 oskar blues ten-fidy

great for diesel engines!

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how did we miss this?

we thought we had pretty good beer radar but we completely whiffed on the KISS destroyer beer.


all things considered, it looks like we were pretty lucky to miss this. check out these reviews.



womencantsailAug 07, 2012

2.03/5  rDev -22.5%
look: 2.5 | smell: 2 | taste: 2 | feel: 2 | overall: 2

Smelling of butter and straw.

Sweet cheap bread, some butter and some dried grass.

Very boring, no profile. The only thing it destroys is good taste.

rarbringJul 24, 2012

2.48/5  rDev -5.3%
look: 2 | smell: 3 | taste: 2.5 | feel: 2.5 | overall: 2

S: Sweet malts, some faint corny notes. Some bitter hops, and strangly enough; cherries.

T: Light taste, kind of artificial bitterness with sweet malts. The cherries are still present but more like detergent.

O: The label states; “The hottest beer in the world” – man the world must be very cold…


1.6   AROMA 4/10   APPEARANCE 2/5   TASTE 3/10   PALATE 2/5   OVERALL 5/20Bootlegger007 (64) – AUSTRALIA – DEC 10, 2014Hottest beer on earth – I think not, rather tasteless, light oily body, low carbonation acidic on the palate, not a true reflection of a Pale Lager1.3   AROMA 2/10   APPEARANCE 3/5   TASTE 2/10   PALATE 2/5   OVERALL 4/20Lowenbrau (2129) – Asturias, Oviedo, SPAIN – NOV 26, 2014330ml bottle @Cimmeria, Oviedo. 26-11-2014.
BBD: not found, blank space in the label….(who cares anyway)
In short: crap lager..1.5   AROMA 4/10   APPEARANCE 2/5   TASTE 2/10   PALATE 2/5   OVERALL 5/20FatPhil (9586) – Tallinn, ESTONIA – NOV 22, 2014330ml bottle – Helsinki
Sweet pale lager aroma. Baad, baad baad taste. Shitty lager. even when packed round with snowl to cool it, it’s nasty2.5

   AROMA 5/10   APPEARANCE 3/5   TASTE 6/10   PALATE 2/5   OVERALL 9/20

SperkeleForce (608) – FINLAND – NOV 15, 2014

Bottle 33 CL. Golden with white lacing head. Notes of grass, grains, malts. Pretty bulk feeling.

– beerbasher



   AROMA 5/10   APPEARANCE 3/5   TASTE 4/10   PALATE 2/5   OVERALL 12/20

Beerhunter111 (8238) – Hasborn, GERMANY – OCT 20, 2014

Klare dunkelgoldene Farbe, ordentliche weiße Schaumkrone. Geruch getreidig, malzig, wässrig. Geschmack fruchtig malzig, getreidig, leicht hopfig.

we don’t speak german, not sure what beerhunter111 had to say.


it’s pretty clear from this picture only 2 guys are really into it. the other two are just picking up a paycheck.  this might not even be the real kiss, maybe it’s some random  guys dressed up like kiss. come to think of it, that kiss logo looks off too. gene simmons would never let that happen, he would sue for damages. he sues everybody.


these are pretty expensive kiss dolls although with abs like that they should really call them action figures.  we just realized every kiss doll (aka action figure) costume suit has a design element that points directly to their crotch. 3 are literally arrows and the other one is a big leather jockstrap. horrifying.

they have a grateful dead beer too. we actually had this. it was pretty good. it didn’t taste anything like pot or patchouli (although it probably should ).



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the irony of the giant stone head

What if you had a giant stone head that no one noticed? Well, you’d blog about it too.


We’re not talking about a stone head like ben grimm (aka the thing). He had to walk around with that. Everyone noticed.



We’re talking about a giant stone head design element or ornament.



Anyway first you have to find a giant stone head. They’re around; you just have to look for them. we found this giant stone head buried  in the snow at united house wrecking back in 2012. We didn’t buy it but took a picture because, hey you never know when you might need a giant stone head. And besides, who was going to buy that giant stone head anyway?  what would they do with it?

little-pub-stone-face-2 (800x600)


So then in 2013 we got the LP3 space at fonda la Paloma. And when we took down the  ceiling during renovations we realized they didn’t continue the stone fireplace all the way to the roof.  So we had to continue the fireplace another 8 feet or so. (and you’ve got to find stone that matches, and believe you me that is no easy task because all rocks do not look alike! Turns out we had to find and buy the last remnants of “yonkers stone”).

little-pub-stone-head-scaffold-1 (600x800)


So viola! Now we have a space for the giant stone head. Hopefully it’s still there.

little-pub-stone-head-scaffold (600x800)


And of course it was. After all, who was going to buy it.

little-pub-stone-face (600x800)

little-pub-stone-head-face-happy (600x800)


Then you have to negotiate with andy to get a fair price on a giant stone head that no one really needs to buy. What’s it worth? Who knows? We found these two giant stone eagles upstate and the guy wanted like $70,000 for them.  We were like, ummmm, I don’t think they are building giant lord of the rings style  buildings anymore, and these weigh like 5 tons apiece, so you should pay us to haul them away.  (still they are so awesome that we’d love to find a home for them sometime.)

little-pub-stuff-we want

we saw these inuit stormtrooper artworks in vancouver. these are pretty good too, but not very pubby.  maybe we can put in the bathroom or somewhere else.

little-pub-stuff we want

and we found this crazy chair in stamford. it’s probably still there.

137 136


anyway, so we buy this giant stone head and we’re all like ” everyone will love this!” and “gee, do you think it will freak kids out?”.

You cram it into the trunk of your car and it takes like 3 guys to get it out.

You move it all over the place during construction. There’s no good place for a giant stone head. They are always in the way.


You finally have it installed, and it looks alot smaller that you thought.

little-pub-stone-head-in-place-1 (600x800)


It’s up there and no one even notices. You have to point it out which defeats the purpose of putting it up there in the first place.

little-pub-stone-head-in-place-3 (600x800)

little-pub-stone-head-in-place-2 (800x600)

Oh well, that’s the funny thing about giant stone heads, they are never as giant as you think they are. There’s always a bigger giant stone head somewhere. like the one up on the taconic parkway. See this link.

giant head on the taconic parkway

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top ten reasons to take uber to little pub

godzilla happy dance

you know you’ve always wanted to try uber. here’s your chance.



top ten reasons to take uber to little pub


10: because all of your cool friends have already ubered

9:  because uber will give you a $30 credit towards your first ride.

8:  for guilt free texting while uber drives you around

7:  to experience that “uber car” smell

6: because taking the “metro” or “rail” (aka metro north) to the local station and then ubering to little pub is “very european”

5:  because we’ll give you a credit for a complementary palm beer

4: because the only taxi service that regularly runs on the post road or route 7 is called  “the bus”

3:  because door to door uber service means potential savings of $5,000 in legal fees

2:  no cold car seats

1:  because it turns out that “cos cob” is actually the native american term for “land of small parking lot”


practice safe rides this holiday season. take uber  to any little pub and your  ride, and your  palm draft, can be free. go to  and enter promo code: littlepub.   then tweet all about it on @uber_conn


details below:


take uber to little pub, show your uber receipt to the manager on duty within 5 minutes of arrival,   and we’ll give you a credit towards a palm draft. 1 palm draft per uber car. must be redeemed same day.

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range rover? land rover? take uber on over

practice safe rides this holiday season. take uber to any little pub and your first ride, and your  palm draft, can be free. go to  and enter promo code: littlepub.   then tweet all about it on @uber_conn


take uber to little pub, show your uber receipt to the manager on duty within 5 minutes of arrival,   and we’ll give you a credit towards a palm draft. 1 palm draft per uber car. must be redeemed same day.

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