amanda bloom is fired up about yogurt!

she swears like a really polite drunken sailor but she’s got a point










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it’s the most wonderful time of the year. unless you were a naughty kid, then krampus is coming


kids today have it made. if you’re naughty in today’s “everyone gets a trophy” world Santa still leaves you a $15 xbox gift card and a “better luck next year” note. that american santa, he’s “all carrot no stick” as they say in texas..



but if you were naughty back in olde skool Europe** santa’s friend krampus would visit you on December 5th to deliver a yuletide thwacking with his bundle of sticks, giving you a full 20 days to “think about it” before a.) still getting nothing for christmas and b.) having to deal with a steaming pile of your siblings schadenfreude on Christmas day.

rob squatch

we’re kind of partial to old skool things, so we think bringing back the krampus tradition makes good sense. first of all it will keep those naughty kids in line and second, it gives adults another reason to dress up and drink a lot and as restaurant owners we’re all for that sort of thing. so we say “lets put krampus back in christmas” and hopefully someone with a lot of time on their hands and some naughty kids  reads this and takes up that “#bringkrampusback” mantle because frankly its hard enough writing this stuff. having to run a “bring krampus back” campaign would really cut into our TV time. come on, do we have to do EVERYTHING around here?


but however we did find the time to make t-shirts. kringle of krampus? the choice is yours.





**in Australia krampus is replaced by a really drunk mel gibson who makes you watch lethal weapon 3 over and over. it’s hell.




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stars wars? please



we’re starting to see signs of star wars fever.

18dImvS - Imgur 44hXJFS - Imgur AMhOQpv CrhXZiY ZPMGkFS - Imgur

"Giant" space slug - Imgur A9Ixbz0 - Imgur Director Irvin Kershner and some bounty hunter scum - Imgur Kenny Baker, aka in the man inside R2-D2 - Imgur mvz0F4F - Imgur Note Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) struts around in comfy pants - Imgur obdgft9 - Imgur OCDXuGU wHVSR6c



ok, we’ve got it too.

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candy is passé, give little pub gift cards this halloween


Halloween is creepy. who wants to take their kids to a persons house where that person is dressed up like a monster that then gives them candy. what kind of lesson is that? or, if you’re the parent, who wants to sit on the couch in a sugar coma after eating all the “fun-sized” 3 musketeers your kid  removed from their candy haul.

here’s an idea; instead of passing out nasty candy this halloween, why not get a pile of $1 little pub gift cards and pass those out. that way the kid can have $1 to spend on whatever they want at little pub, and the parents can have a nice relaxing time enjoying family time instead of all that halloween stress.


and because we realize in today’s digital society no one likes to put down their phone, you can even buy online

in fact, its entirely possible to enjoy an evening at little pub without leaving your phone. you can order online at eat24 and use your gift card to pay for the food.  convenient!

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griff anthony at little pub greenwich

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some people really hate valets. others really like them. an explanation and haiku


omg! we just went up on yelp and trip advisor and some people are really freaking out about the valets. maybe it’s  a ferris bueller thing?


anyway, here’s the deal.


little pub valet parking is free, always has been , always will be.  at non peak times you are always welcome to park your car by yourself. at peak times the  lot gets so busy that the valets are necessary to park all the cars. in addition, the town of Greenwich requires us to have valet service while the outdoor patio is in operation.

99% of our guests really enjoy this complimentary service and find it very convenient,  but if the lot is full and you would rather not valet there is plenty of on street or alternative lot parking you just have to hunt around.

???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ????????????????????????



hope this clears things up,  if not here is a nice haiku to sum it all up.

the service is free

no need to hunt for parking

so why all the hate?

little pub valet parking


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new dr. seuss book ” lars and the terrible no good idea” discovered

a new dr. seuss book ” lars and the terrible no good idea”   was recently found in an unused attic footlocker. the plot deals with lars anderson’s thoughts on train service in the hamlet of branchville ct.  lars struggles with the issue until finally uncovering the story’s moral of “always think positive”  . a book review is at the link.



little pub valet parking

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why not us?

little pub announces candidacy for president. aims to put hospitality back on the national agenda


thanks for visiting littlepub2016 campaign headquarters
little pub is an independent candidate running for president of anything.
little pub believes that hospitality is lacking in today’s world, little pub’s aim is to put hospitality back on the agenda.

vote votelp

we put up a website so we guess its official:



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stuff we wish we made up: october 2015 edition



best use of metaphor


best use of faux frame and insincere faux autograph

best song we wish we wrote



winking_happy_ginger_cat_postcard-r3695a5e5279a45d3bcff9f482e6a1189_vgbaq_8byvr_324best winking cat . ever


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