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your second chance! is now going to have to wait

update! shawn got bronchitis so he had to cancel tomorrow night. he will be back march 27th!

look, we’re not going  to say “we told you so”, but waaay  back on feb 27th we suggested that you come see shawn taylor at the pub instead of staying home and watching what has been called “one of the worst oscar telecasts in history” by  the hollywood reporter.  well, luckily he’s coming back, shawn taylor will be at the pub this sunday march 13th at 8:00. you owe it to yourself to come check him out.

but don’t take our word for it…. take dan barry’s from the new haven advocate.

“Shawn Taylor is a poet of decay”
New Haven Advocate
Tuesday, January 27, 2008

“On Saturday night I caught singer/songwriter Shawn Taylor at Acoustic Café.
He has a wonderfully damaged voice – a sort of Tom Waits “I gargle cinder blocks in the morning” growl, but less of a put-on than Waits’ bark. His lyrics dabble in a wonderful gritty naturalism that’s uncommon around here… check him out.”

                                                                                         – Dan Barry

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now on tap, brooklyn brewings main engine start

so we follow that allagash tripel with a singel. now on tap, brooklyn breweries newest offering..main engine start. main engine start is a belgian singel style ale. traditional  belgian singels are gold in color, dry and biscuity on the palate, with a lilt of spicy belgian yeast character. this beer is so new it’s not even rated on beeradvocate.com or ratebeer yet, so you’ll have to make up your own grades.  but if you believe that brooklyn knows what they’re doing, and we do, then this should be pretty good. so go ahead, believe.

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string fingers

hey, don’t miss string fingers this sunday night at little pub! kelly’s bro and friends play the best in highly evolved roots music. you can check ‘em out on for yourself on  www.facebook.com/stringfingersband or just come by sunday at 8 and see them live. or both.

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now on tap…southern tier ipa

now on tap, southern tier ipa. this india pale ale from western new york state is silky smooth but somehow still manages a nice hop kick. silky smooth ipa? that’s an oxymoron like jumbo shrimp. we don’t know how they do it, but they do it. come try this contradiction in a glass

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new beer list and theme song!

just in time for the weekend, the new little pub beer list is now available : http://ridgefield.patch.com/listings/little-pub#pdf-5046751

for your listening pleasure, the little_pub_beer_drinking_theme_song is also now available.

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shawn taylor at little pub sunday february 27

come see shawn taylor  this sunday 8-10. yes, we know it’s oscar night, but really what are you gonna miss? xtina aguilera butchering another song? jokes about charlie sheen? brangelina on the red carpet? the really cool water cooler talk on monday will be “did you hear shawn play that 8 minute roots version of ac/dc’s hells bells?” come find out! (and be home in time to see kings speech win best picture.)


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timmy’s chili recipe

hey, check it out– timmy was recently featured on nbc’s “the feast,” talking about his famous chili recipe.

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