mister beer is back again with dogfish burton baton

The latest in the “Dogfish Monday”  line-up here at Little Pub is Burton Baton, yet another imperial IPA from Dogfish Head Brewery.

Dogfish Head, known for their off-kilter, cutting edge beers, excels at making India Pale Ales.  You might already be familiar with their world-renowned classics: the 60 Minute, 90 Minute, and 120 Minute IPAs.  Now that Burton Baton is offered year round (it used to be seasonal), you can add it to the list.  Burton Baton is a “two-thread” beer, meaning it is a blend of two distinct beers.  In this case, Dogfish mixes an English Old Ale with their 90 Minute Imperial IPA.  These two “threads” of beers are brewed separately.  Upon completion of fermentation, the threads are mixed together in a large oak cask and allowed to age for over a month.

This oak-aging process results in a remarkably complex and utterly satisfying brew.  The Burton is highly aromatic, with notes of tangy citrus overlain on a smooth oaky foundation.  If the aromas don’t invite you in, its effervescent amber color will.  Take a sip and note the velvety, mellow mouthfeel.  You’ll taste grapefruit and pine, with faint hints of grass and malt.  As the beer finishes, the oak-aging reveals itself as the hops blend into woody flavors of caramel, vanilla, and brown sugar.  Overall, this is a one of a kind beer, and highly recommended.  It’s more mellow and rounded than most Imperial IPAs, and certainly one of the most complex IPAs out there today.  Come on down to Little Pub and get it while it lasts.

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